Touched by a feather

This post might be at bit of when it comes to the word of this weeks photo challenge, but i tell you, i needed a whole bunch of endurance to finish it. The video took me far to long to make! (The pictures in the video is also shown in the gallery bellow)

Dette innlegget kan være litt på siden når det kommer til ordet for denne ukens fotoutfordring ( Endurance ), men jeg kan fortelle deg at jeg trengte en hel haug med utholdenhet for å fullføre det. Videoen tok meg alt for lang tid å lage! ( Bildene i videoen er også vist i galleriet nedenfor)

Weekly photo challenge : Endurance

Info: F/10  –  1/8 sek.  –  Iso 160  –  Stativ/Tripod  –  Canon 100 mm L Macro  – Daylight

24 thoughts on “Touched by a feather

  1. Charly Makray-Rice says:

    This is so beautiful and perfectly timed. I shared it with my ‘Craniacs’ … followers of Operation Migration, who suddenly lost two members in the last month , and a third earlier this year. This speaks to all of us. Bless you for your inspiration.


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